Love is in the air. Every grocery store in town is filled with roses, chocolates, and red balloons — and your significant other is anxiously waiting for you to show them how much you care. You’ve done the usual every year; a romantic dinner followed by some alone time, but this year you want to do something a little more creative, and fun for Valentine’s Day! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We created the perfect way for you to set the mood this valentine’s day so that you can make it special for that special someone. All you need is your voice, your Amazon Alexa device, and an Safe Home Safe connected home.

Have Your Home Set the Mood on Valentine’s Day

Your Safe Home Safe system does more than just secure your home and help you stay connected to it on the go. All of your devices can work together. Plus, when you connect your security, lights, and thermostat with your Amazon Echo, you can control everything with your voice too! But, did you know that you can create routines with Alexa to do special things based on commands that you create?

What Is an Alexa Routine?

Alexa Routines are a series of actions that Alexa will perform when you say a trigger phrase. Basically, you can create your own Amazon Alexa voice commands, like “Alexa, set the mood”! Your Alexa routine can perform up to 21 actions at once from a single command!

To set the mood on Valentine’s Day, we’ll be helping you set up a special Alexa routine that is creative, fun, and one that your significant other will absolutely love!

First Things First

For this, you’ll need an Amazon Alexa Device with a SmartHome Hub. Our favorite is the Amazon Echo Show because you can also use it to view your cameras. You can learn more about which Alexa devices work best with routines and even get your Amazon Alexa device here.

Next, make sure all of your home devices are connected to your Amazon Echo. You can do this by logging in to the Amazon Alexa app and then navigating to the “Devices” tab.

Once your Amazon Echo is set up and all of your devices are connected, you’re ready to create your Valentine’s Day Routine.

Creating Your Valentine’s Day Alexa Routine

Now that you have your Amazon Alexa Device and understand the basics of Alexa Routines, it’s time to get started creating your Routine. It’s really easy to set up, and once you create this first one, you’ll be making them for everything!

Setting Your Trigger Phrase

First, Alexa needs to know what to listen for. For this, we’re going to choose a unique command to tell Alexa that we want to set the mood. Maybe you’ll use it all year round.

Click Create Routine
Select “When this happens”, and then choose “Voice”
Fill in “Alexa, set the mood”

Choosing What Alexa Will Do When You Say the Phrase

Next, we need to tell Alexa what to do when she hears the phrase. Alexa can perform up to 21 actions from a single command. With one command, Alexa will make sure the doors are locked, the lights are dimmed, and the thermostat is turned down. This will definitely help you set the mood. Set the following actions under the Smart Home category:

  • Set the Thermostat to 68 Degrees
  • Lock the doors
  • Dim the light to 30%

Don’t have one of these connected home devices? Shop connected home devices or add them to your security system here.

One last thing, Set the Mood with Some Marvin Gaye

One of the most iconic love songs of all time — and the action that will bring it all together. Alexa can help set the mood with Amazon Music. Not your favorite song? Choose another. Here is a list of some of Billboard’s best love songs of all time to get you started.

Under Actions, click Music
Play “Let’s Get It On” from Amazon Music

That’s it! Now say, “Alexa, set the mood.”

You just created your first Alexa Routine that works with your Safe Home Safe connected home! It will always be there for you when it’s time to set the mood. All you have to do is say, “Alexa, set the mood.” We hope that your significant other finds this creative and fun come Valentine’s Day!

Now that you had some help setting the mood, we’re going to assume that you know what to do from here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Other Useful Alexa Routines

If you had fun making that Alexa Routine, and want to get right back to automating everything in your home, there are plenty of simple, but useful Alexa Routines that you can try. Two of them are already set up for you. Say “Alexa, start my day” to hear the weather, traffic report, and the news. Or, say “Alexa, goodnight” and listen for what happens.