With Halloween around the corner, your mind is probably fogged by making this the most freakishly fun day for your kids (and for yourself). Life priorities have swapped to having the best candy in the neighborhood, assembling the perfect costumes for you and your kids, and “spookifying” your home.

I’m also sure that your little ones are excited to dress up as Iron Man, Elsa, or whatever character they have their hearts set on.

With a million things on your mind, your safety is always on ours. On a night when unpredictable behavior is a given, we want to help you avoid real-life security scares.


  • Thieves and burglars can be “hidden” behind costumes and masks, so keep your eye out for suspicious characters and activity!
  • Good lighting and motion sensors can help you spot criminals on your property!
  • Some communities have official trick-or-treating hours. Make sure to find out what hours apply to where you live, if any.
  • Your home’s not the only property to protect. Don’t forget your cars, as well!

As always, expect the unexpected. It’s not a bad idea to be extra cautious this Halloween (and every day) in order to keep your loved ones safe. Criminals may have some tricks up their sleeves.


  • Keep your doors and windows secured.
  • Set your home alarm system before you set out to go trick-or-treating.
  • Avoid using candles or other open flames for decorations. This will decrease the chances for fires! Be sure to double check that your smoke alarms are active and properly working!
  • Confine your pets to help you avoid undesired liabilities that may be brought on by pet anxiety (and attacks on innocent trick-or-treaters!).
  • Create a clearly lit path for your visitors to prevent falls and injury.
  • Keeping your cars in your garage (if you have one) can help prevent accidental damage or mischievous activity.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be safe and prevent avoidable accidents from happening. As always, be aware of your surroundings.

If you have other Halloween safety tips, let us know. Comment below!

And make sure to share this information with your friends and loved ones.

I hope you have a fang-tastic Halloween! Stay safe.