Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this year, which means you might get to start knocking things off of that Spring to-do list sooner than you thought! So when the days get longer and the weather gets a little warmer, what are the first home improvements you will be making in 2019? Will you be cleaning the gutters and getting your lawn in shape like last year? Or, is it finally time to set up those home cameras you’ve been wanting?

Whether it’s because of something that happened on your property or down the street, if you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably thought about getting home security cameras at some point. If you’re like most people, your home is the most expensive thing you own. So, you want to protect your investment. Even more importantly, your family lives there, so you want to keep them safe. Cameras will help you look after everything when you’re away and make sure home is always within arms reach.

Why You Should Put Home Cameras at the Top of Your Spring To-Dos

With new cameras out today like Arlo and Ring, it’s never been easier to set cameras up at home. There’s no need to run any long wires or drill holes in the walls. Setup is so easy that you can just do it yourself — although if you prefer a professional installation that’s still an option.

In a world where your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest feeds are filled with trendy DIY home projects, it can be tough to decide to protect your home over arts and crafts. Before taking on any projects this Spring, here’s why protecting your home should come first.

It’s an Easy Spring DIY Project

After being cooped up watching HGTV all winter, we’re all probably looking for something refreshing and new. Sometimes that can be as simple as just rearranging the furniture. Others are more ambitious and repaint the walls or rip up the carpet for the rustic hardwood look.

If you’re looking for a project that will satisfy your inner “DIYer”, setting up home cameras just might do the trick. Arlo cameras are weatherproof and 100% wire-free. So, you can pretty much put them wherever you want. That means you can get crafty about placing your cameras. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you want to have a good WiFi connection, so you may be limited by how far you can take them away from your home.

We’ve seen people set up hidden home security cameras in trees that overlook the front yard and driveway. Other people prefer them to be out in the open to let any potential intruders know that their home is being protected. It’s your home, so it’s up to you.

If you’re feeling crafty and want to fill your Spring to-do list with DIY projects, don’t stop at setting up home cameras. There are lots of things you can do to create a smart, connected home.

Check out these 3 DIY home projects you should tackle this Spring.

Summer Vacation is Right Around the Corner

Spring is almost here, so Summer will be here before you know it. The retail stores show it all — we’re already starting to see swimsuits on sale! Two things happen in summer that make having home cameras a must.

First, the kids are out of school, which means they’ll be home alone. We need something that will help us keep an eye on them while we’re working. Your home cameras connect directly to the home security app on your phone. So, you can stream the cameras live to see what’s happening at home when you’re away. But, you don’t have to check in right when something happens. You can set up motion-activated videos to get a notification when someone walks by. So, you can see when your kids come and go with the doorbell camera. Or if the kids are going into a room they shouldn’t be.

You can read more about controlling home from your mobile phone here.

On top of that, If you have any trips planned this summer, it’s always good to be able to check on home while you’re away just to give you some added peace of mind. Travel is one of the most common reasons that people decide to set up home security or surveillance cameras. You want to be able to take a trip for more than a few days without worrying if someone has been staking out your house.

Set up home cameras now, and when it comes time for your summer vacation, you’ll feel much better about leaving the home for several days.

Don’t stop there, check out these tips for securing your home while on vacation!

Cameras Help You Stay Connected to Home and Family

When we think about cameras the bad stuff almost always comes to mind — preventing break-ins, stopping doorstep package theft, and the list goes on. But we tend to forget about how it helps us interact with our families.

Both Arlo and Ring cameras have two way audio. That means you can talk right through the cameras, and the person on the other end of the phone can talk back. This can make for some fun, new ways to interact with family members. Whether it’s your kids giving you a wave through the doorbell camera when they get home from school, or being able to capture a funny moment that happens at home in real time, cameras help you stay connected to the things that matter most.

To all you dog moms out there, we know pets are family members too! These cameras can also help you look after your furry friends. Do you crate your dogs? Being able to see and talk to them might just give you the confidence that you need to leave them out of the crate and let them roam the house. One thing’s for sure, you’ll know they’re safe.

It’s Something You’ve Been Wanting

You’ve seen the neighbor’s cameras down the street. Your friend has shown you their doorbell camera app on their phone. And you’ve seen the ads on TV. The idea of having home cameras is just plain cool, and it’s something you’ve wanted since you bought your home.

Until now, it might not have been high on your priority list compared to your other financial obligations. When you see a $200 price tag on one camera, it can be intimidating. But that’s not always the case!

Shop Safe Home Safe home cameras here and see how you can save when you protect your home.

Home Security and Cameras Help Keep Your Family Safe

Finally, and the most important reason of all, cameras help protect your home and family. But it’s not just about keeping you safe from burglars — it’s about feeling safe at home. Knowing when you hear a noise outside that you can just pull your phone out and see what it was helps you feel safe. Receiving a notification when your package is delivered and knowing that you’ll receive another if someone were to try and take it before you get home helps you feel safe. Checking in on the babysitter while you’re on a date helps you feel safe.

When you combine your cameras with a home security system, that’s when the magic happens. Now keeping home safe isn’t just up to you. Your home is always connected to help during an emergency. And If something happens at home whether you’re there or not, there’s no better feeling than knowing that help is standing by.

Receiving an alarm notification at work that your front door was opened

Wrapping Up

You likely have a busy spring ahead. We hope your to-do list isn’t too daunting! Whether you’ve made yours or not, you’ll likely be tackling some projects in the coming weeks. Make sure setting up home cameras is one of them.

If you’re crafty, it’ll make an easy DIY project for you, and they’ll really come in handy when you’re planning your summer vacation. But most importantly, setting up cameras and a home security system will keep your home safe and help you stay connected to the things that matter most.

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