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Feel Secure
Inside and Out

Home isn’t only what’s behind the doors and windows. It’s also the driveway where you pull in after a long day, the front porch where you collect your packages, and the backyard where your kids play.

When you protect your home,
know it’s secure — all of it.

Home and Family, Connected

Check in on home when you’re traveling, working, or away. Watch your kids come home from school or make sure your pets aren’t causing mischief throughout the day. One thing you’ll always know, they’re safe.

See What’s Happening

Set up cameras inside or outside to get a glimpse of home throughout the day. No wires needed.

Know Who Stopped By

See who comes and goes with instant video notifications. Check back on the clips
for up to 7 days.

viewing home security cameras remotely from your phone


Capture Every Moment

When you have cameras as part of your home security system, you never have to miss a moment. If the alarm goes off, see what’s happening through indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras.
Check in when you want or get notified when someone walks by.

watching the front yard through surveillance cameras
answering the door from your phone to receive packages with the video doorbell
coming home to a safe and secure home

Capture every social media worthy moment. Save your favorite clips and share them with family members.

Connecting your home security system, alarm, and home with Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, show me the backyard.”

Connect your Safe Home Safe security system to your Amazon Echo for voice control. Let the dog out in the backyard and watch her with your cameras through your Echo Spot or Echo Show.


Home Now Works for You

Connected security means that your home and security system stay in sync with your lifestyle. Whether you’re there or away, your home — and everything in it — can now be within arm’s reach. Home has become more than just a place to rest your head. Make it do more for you.

And It Works with All of Your Favorite Brands


Control. Comfort. Savings.

The connected thermostat turns itself down when you’re away and automatically adjusts for comfort when you come home. On average, it saves our customers $10-$15 a month in energy costs! Plus, since it’s connected to your phone, you can control it from anywhere.

Viewing the living room on your Arlo security camera

Adapts to your daily schedule to automatically save you energy while keeping home comfortable.

Uses temperature sensors to make sure you always have the right temperature right where you need it.

Save up to

Proven Savings

The connected thermostat has been tested and proven to deliver significant energy savings. Save energy, save money.
You can learn more about how
Smart Thermostats can benefit you at the U.S. Department of Energy

Connected Security Brings It All Together

Keep your home safe and stay connected to it on the go. Connect your cameras, lights, locks, thermostats, and more and control them in the same ecosystem.

watching the front porch with video cameras or doorbell cam

Connected to Home

Home is now connected to you. Whether you forget to lock the front door, leave the hair straightener on, or just want to turn the thermostat down a few degrees, home is just a tap away.

Alarm System contacts police, fire, and medical emergency services

Connected to Help

Get help fast during an emergency. A dedicated cellular connection with two-way voice communication ensures that your home is always connected to help when you need it most.

Family closer, happier, and sharing moments and memories

Connected to Family

Stay in the know of what’s happening at home. Family member notifications keep you posted on what time your kids come home, and whether or not they make it before curfew.

Control Home
with Your Phone

Use the Safe Home Safe app to keep your home, security, and all of your favorite devices within arms reach no matter where you are.


Safe is a Now Thing

When you need a home security system, you need it now. So rather than make you sit through a long-winded sales presentation or wait a week for an appointment, we’ll always do our best to protect your home on the same day or within 24 hours.

Need Help?

Homes might be similar, but no two families are the same. Talk to one of our security advisors about what would make your home feel safe and connected.Expert recommendations make feeling
safe simple.

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