The cold muck of winter is nearly over, and soon the trees will be budding with a fresh new season. You homeowners out there know what else comes along with the warmer weather of Spring — that list of DIY home projects you’ve been putting off for four months.

Whether you just bought a new home or you’ve lived there for twenty years, there always seems to be new renovations and projects to tackle. You’ve been cooped up avoiding the cold for months, it’s time to start knocking tasks off that list.

So, you want to give your home a little upgrade — something that your guests will admire when they come to visit. You don’t have to repaint all the walls or replace your furniture.

Is your home modern? Is it smart? Can you control it from your phone or voice? If not, then you’re missing out on some of the biggest home trends of the year! Smart homes no longer just exist in futuristic movies. In fact, it’s pretty simple for everyone to have a smart home — and it’s the first DIY home project you should tackle this Spring!

So, before you start knocking down walls like you’re Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict, check out these 3 DIY home projects that will remind you that you’re living in the year 2019!

3 DIY Home Projects That Will Make Your Home Smarter

First things first, why does everyone want a smart home? It’s about being safe and staying connected to the things that you care about. Most of the stuff that matters most to you is in your home; your kids, family members, and all the memories that you’ve captured over the years. A smart home, a connected home, syncs with your lifestyle and lets you connect with home from anywhere. It starts with your smartphone and extends to your lights, locks, thermostat, and countless home devices like coffee pots and even microwaves.

There are tons of things that you can do to make your home smarter. Start here:

1. Connect Your Home with a Voice Assistant

In tons of movies over the past 30 years, we’ve seen futuristic smart homes with voice assistants that talk, control your home, and do tasks for you. Today, it’s surprisingly easy to have one of these devices in your own home. That means you too can have a smart home of the future!

So what can a voice assistant do for you? Think of it as your personal assistant.

It can do things like:

  • Play music
  • Manage your shopping list
  • Tell you the news
  • Lock your doors
  • Turn the lights on/off
  • Help you cook
  • And a lot more…

Plus, when you connect your voice assistant with your Safe Home Safe System, you can use it to control your entire home. Arm the system, adjust the thermostat, control the locks, and more with just your voice.

The equipment that makes up your Safe Home Safe System works with all of the most popular voice assistants available. That means you can Ask Alexa, Siri, or Google to control your Safe Home Safe Connected Home!

Using a device with a screen like the Amazon Echo Show or the Google Home Hub, you can even view your cameras with simple voice commands.

By just setting up a voice assistant, you’re already well on your way to having a smart home. Now, all you need are the connected home devices!

Learn more and shop connected home devices here.

Get More Out of Your Connected Home with Amazon Alexa Routines

The cool thing about Alexa devices is that you can set up your own voice commands that will make Alexa do cool things for you. These are called Routines. By setting up your own Routines, you can say things like “Alexa, I’m leaving for the day”, and Alexa will arm your security system, lock the doors, and turn down the thermostat — all with one command.

Check out this cool and fun Amazon Alexa Routine we made to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

2. Upgrade Your Most Common Lights to Smart Light Bulbs

Light bulbs may have been around for over 200 years, but being able to control them with your phone is practically brand new. Smart light bulbs are the home trend that’s here to stay. This isn’t like the clap on clap off fad in the 80s and 90s that never really caught on. Smart Light Bulbs will without a doubt replace traditional light bulbs in no time. They’re energy efficient and last for 10,000 hours — but that’s not the real reason to get it. It makes controlling your lights and controlling your home a snap.

Three Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Smart Light Bulbs

They’re not your average light bulbs, so you can do more with them. They connect with your security system’s mobile app, so you turn them on and off with your phone from anywhere. Here are few things you probably didn’t know about smart light bulbs.:

1. You can plug them into any light or lamp

Rather than have to replace outlets or run a bunch of wires, the smart light bulb works on any light or lamp. That makes it easy to replace and connect every light in your home!

2. They can make it look like someone’s home.

Set up schedules so that your lights turn on and off automatically throughout the day. When you’re not home, potential intruders will avoid your house when they see the lights changing.

3. You can control them with your voice.

Smart light bulbs work with your favorite connected home devices, giving you control with your voice. That means at night, you can turn off every light in the house without even getting out of bed.

Once your lights are connected and you have a voice assistant to control them with ease, your smart home will start working for you. Now, let’s take of some of the hassles of having a normal home.

3. Ditch the Spare Key for Connected Locks

We’ve all left the door unlocked by mistake — or even worried that we might have. When you have pets or valuables at home, it’s always a little worrisome when this happens. Then, you’re either turning around to go back home and check, or stuck thinking about it all day.

An even worse thought than that is imagining if someone else knew where you kept the spare key — under the mat? In the mailbox? The flower pot?

Imagine if instead when you thought the door was left unlocked, you could just pull out your phone and lock it. That’s the beauty of connected locks. They do a lot more than just allow you to lock and unlock the doors from your phone, you can ditch the spare key altogether.

Give a Code to Everyone in the Family

To be plain and simple, spare keys aren’t safe. You can be creative about where you hide them, but there’s always a risk that someone will find it. If they do, they’ll have easy access into your home. Keys in general work the same way. If you lose your house keys, someone could easily let themselves in while you’re working or out of town. Connected locks keep your home safe without the need for a key, period.

All of your family members can have their own unique passcodes. This keeps your home safe and helps you keep track of family members. You’ll know who’s coming home from school and what time they are arriving.

Create Temporary Passcodes for Babysitters and Dog Walkers

Rather than leaving a key for babysitters and dog walkers that only come during a certain time of day, create a temporary passcode. Connected locks put you in control of who comes in and out. With temporary passcodes, you never have to worry about giving out your personal passcode. It only takes seconds for you to open the app and create a custom one for them— and it results in a safer home!

Automatically Lock the Doors When You’re Away from Home

Probably the coolest thing about connected locks is the fact that they work automatically — that’s a smart home! Connected locks can use your phone’s location services to lock down your house when you leave. Once you get a certain distance from your home, the doors can automatically lock.

So you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you left the door unlocked again!

Wrapping Up

It’s the 21st century. It’s 2019. Homes aren’t the same as they were 20 years ago. Today, your home can work for you, and you can bring it with you on the go. If you are considering which DIY home projects to tackle this year, maybe your home could use an upgrade. Connect your home with a voice assistant. Upgrade your most common lights to use smart light bulbs. Get rid of the spare key that’s under the mat.

These are the first home projects you should tackle in 2019. Once you do, it’ll remind you that you’re living in the year 2019.

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